Our Commitment To You



Rice Planting Project for Employees is initiated by the President’s intention that aims to improve the rice quality for employees to consume throughout the year. Based on the survey of vendors who have been selling food in the company canteen, it has been found that the rice quality does not meet the standard of good and healthy rice as it should be. Although the President came up with solution to buy the paddy from farmers directly, the problem of insufficient rice quantity was found in the end as there’s only in-season rice field in the market. Therefore, the President, Mr.Kunio Nishimura, decides to launch a rice planting project that can produce good, tasty, and healthy rice for employees to consume throughout the year on the areas of 120 Rai (19.2 Hectares) with his passion to learn about rural farmer life and natural rice planting.

To do rice farming on a large scale, the President uses the concept of plant and water management to plan his own farming in every step, which are the key component to do the rice farming throughout the year. The know-how of rice farming, such as the process of ploughing, indirect seeding, harvesting, and rice milling can ensure that the employees can consume fresh, tasty, and healthy rice throughout the year.
SHIN-EI has charity for (underprivileged) children who lack of opportunity to receive an education.

We provide school with funds to establish an effective place for children and students to learn through the development of education and/or learning activities. We believe that education is the gateway to opportunity for children, and they should be educated and receive a proper education as other children do.
SHIN-EI has a project to provide job for people with disabilities of employees’ family. Under Section 35 of the law on promotion and development of people with disabilities, SHIN-EI contribute funds to disabled people through the job/employment.

In 2021, we go to Chaiyaphum and Ubonratchatani province to meet employees’ family members: one is visually impaired and the other has motion disability, and we build poultry farming house for them to raise more than 50 hens.

With this help from us, the group of disabled people would be able to earn a living through collecting some egg and other products from animal farming.
SHIN-EI has an activity of Sport’s day to bring all members together for leisure after a long working period. We usually held this activity once a year for all employees to enjoy and participate in competitive sporting activities with the aim of wining trophies or prizes.

The activities also go beyond sport competitions as it is about the parades, marching bands, costumes, and the cheerleading.

However, these activities are the source of building teamwork skill for all SHIN-EI employees.